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Let's build together an identity that allows you to acquire a unique
brand image and a significant competitive advantage.

Car sharing system
Nowadays CSR is an important part of the day-to-day activity of the...
Live scoring app
For one of our clients from the automotive sector Bench Marketing developed a...
Golf website
Bench Marketing develops the tailor-made website for your corporate golf...
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Bench MarketingBench MarketingBench Marketing
Bench MarketingBench Marketing
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online application

In the framework of online services recommended for our clients, we are developing customised management tools. Each tool is different, because it is developed in response to the client’s specific needs. We have, for instance, developed the following tools:

  • score management during competitions (golf, rally, teambuilding, etc.)
  • database management (clients, providers, prospectives)
  • resource management within a business (work time, time spent per project, holidays, order agenda, etc.)
  • CRM for a specific event (recovery rate, no-show, duration of visit, commercial contact, etc.)

These applications have the great advantage of being online, with real-time updating, thus allowing many users to view or edit the data from different locations. These data are also extremely secure and a backup is provided.

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