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24.08.2017 - INCENTIVES
Boardtrip in Mallorca

In Oktober 2017 Bench Marketing will organize an Executive Committee for one of its Luxembourg customer. During 3 days, we will combine workmeeting with exclusive activities, such as a 4x4 rally and a private sailboat.

23.02.2017 - INCENTIVES
Board trip in Malaysia

One of our regular customers asked us for the 9th year in a row to provide for their executive committee an exclusive experience abroad. This year was chosen for the Asian continent. They get the chance to participate in a number of discoveries, both at cultural and sporting level.

08.06.2016 - INCENTIVES
Board trip in Malaysia

After several succesful events in various destinations the last years a regular client asked us to organise their next board trip in Borneo in 2017. We are currently building the content of this new exclusive program.

16.03.2016 - INCENTIVES
Iceland again !

A second client in a row asked us to organise their next incentive program for 2016 in Iceland. It is indeed becoming a more and more appreciated destination and the 2 programs will be much different seeing we have a lot of attractive activities possible in Iceland.

01.02.2016 - INCENTIVES
Driving on Swedish lakes

A new client from the heating sector asked us to organize an incentive trip for their best performers. If they manage to increase their sales volume, they will be able to discover in February 2017 how amazing it is to do drive top cars on Swedish lakes.

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