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19.03.2014 - COMMUNICATION
Multitouch screen

For one of our clients from the liquor industry Bench Marketing developed a multitouch screen which can recognise the shape of different items and thanks to which the success and smiles were presents during the opening of the building.

10.10.2012 - COMMUNICATION
Strategic communication for Chivas Regal

Bench Marketing has developped a new interactive tool in order to promotote Chivas Regal in a brand new restaurant that opened in the centrum of Antwerp. Thanks to a multi touch screen, the visitor can now discover the univers of this Whisky top brand.

09.11.2011 - COMMUNICATION
New branding for Axa

Axa has opened 2 new offices in Brussels, under the name "Uccle Finance". Before the official opening, Bench Marketing has worked on the branding according to the general communication guidelines. The following elements have been set up: a large branding on the display,  street marketing campaign with LED screen, personnalised welcome gifts, corporate presentations,...

12.07.2010 - COMMUNICATION
Communication plan for a marathon runner

Since July Bench Marketing is working on a global communication plan for Joël Kremer. The target is to assist a 38-year old marathon runner with his online and offline communication during the coming 14 months.

23.09.2009 - COMMUNICATION
Road-book in the Ardennes

Ginion Group is made up of 10 automotive dealerships selling prestigious brands as BMW, Ferrari, Maserati, Mini, Rolls-Royce and Volvo. In order to highlight the brand image of their group, Ginion Group has ordered a personalized road-book that they will offer to their clients and prospects. This book explores a 275 km itinerary in the Belgian Ardennes and suggests few luxury or charming places in order to make a stop.

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