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21.06.2017 - EVENTS
DPL Car Launch

In begin July, Bench Marketing has the honor to organise the launch of a new car in Germany. During the whole week we will present the new car to journalists, who will have the chance to shoot all their questions directely to the engineers. They will end the day with a loop on a track!

22.03.2017 - EVENTS
33 golf competitions this season

This year, Bench Marketing is active behind the scenes of 33 golf events in Belgium. Moreover, Bench Marketing is responsable for the sporting organization of the two biggest tournaments in the world, and this at the Belgian level. We strive for a flawless reference in the golf world, so as to further reinforce their respectively brand image.

06.03.2017 - EVENTS
Partner Summit

During the month of March, Bench Marketing will organize an event for a client in the IT sector. We got our client commissioned to organize a conference for their commercial partners, followed by a seated dinner with some proposed edge animations.

18.01.2017 - EVENTS
Teambuilding in Knokke

In March Bench Marketing is organizing a team building for a client active in the lighting. During two days 17 participants will be offered several dynamic activities at the Belgian coast, a combination of fun and team cohesion. Each team is provided with a tablet so they can get access to a unique system of Livescoring.

28.09.2016 - EVENTS
Residential sales meeting

In October, Bench Marketing is organising a sales seminar for a new client. During 2 days, the sales team will build up their budget plan for next year and enjoy a teambuilding activity during the breaks. Moreover the branding elements will further improve the client's brand image.

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