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Let's organize a trip abroad in order to motivate your staff or seduce
your client. Which continent will fit to your requirements...?

We stay in Mallorca!
A sales company wants to thank you their staff for their performance of the...
Boardtrip in Mallorca
In Oktober 2017 Bench Marketing will organize an Executive Committee for one...
Board trip in Malaysia
One of our regular customers asked us for the 9th year in a row to provide...
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There are still extraordinary destinations to be discovered, and some of them are less than 3 hours away from your office.

We can offer you great itineraries for many destinations in and around Benelux. A shorter stay also allows you to select high-end activities with a reasonable budget.

Are you looking for an adventurous itinerary? ... with a cultural focus? ... geared toward the development of ecotourism? …reinforcing team spirit?

Choose a destination, determine your budget and the time available, and we will adjust the itinerary to meet your expectations.

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