brand image development

Let's build together an identity that allows you to acquire a unique
brand image and a significant competitive advantage.

Car sharing system
Nowadays CSR is an important part of the day-to-day activity of the...
Live scoring app
For one of our clients from the automotive sector Bench Marketing developed a...
Golf website
Bench Marketing develops the tailor-made website for your corporate golf...
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Bench MarketingBench MarketingBench Marketing
Bench MarketingBench Marketing
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e mailing

When spreading the word for a specific event or providing your clients with recurrent updates of the latest developments, sending an e-mail is a simple and profitable way to reach a very large audience. The selected audience must:

  • receive the e-mail in their inbox (correct address, avoid filters, etc.)
  • be drawn in by the layout and interested in the content (with the help of a graphic designer)
  • respond to this update by returning to your site and finalise this interaction with a sale

Through our tracking tools, we can provide you with a detailed report after each action. This allows you to better estimate your return on investment.

If it is a tool that you must use on a regular basis, we are also developing a CMS (Content Management System) that allows you to retain one or more page layouts and to edit the images and text as you wish. In this case, the investment becomes profitable even faster.

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