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Golf consultancy
With its far enriching experience of 13 years in the organization of golf...
Ford & Starbucks
In order to promote the new brand Ford Vignale, Bench Marketing has...
Brand activation : Ford...
Bench Marketing is creating a tailor-made stand at Luxemburg Airport with an...
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Bench MarketingBench MarketingBench Marketing
Bench MarketingBench MarketingBench Marketing
below the line

Unlike traditional media, “below the line” media seek to reach the end consumer through constantly evolving channels of communication. Whether forex printing, direct marketing, banners or street marketing, there are many means of communication that seek to reconnect with consumers when they least expect it.

Can targeted communication represent an effective support for the promotion of your business activity? Through our database  management tools, you can easily reach a target audience by sending them:

  • an invitation to participate in an exclusive event
  • an end-of-the-year gift or teaser
  • an incentives campaign to promote the sales of your distributers
  • an original display at the point of sale

To make sure that the name of your business stands out in consumers’ minds, Bench Marketing regularly checks up on new trends and closely follows any designs that have won awards abroad.

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